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Get to know me!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 25, 2013, 11:01 PM

HAHA I DID REALLY LONG ANSWERS ON A LOT OF THESE I'M SORRY But I tried to make it as entertaining as possible HEH



- Age: 21 going on 22! PARTY AT MY HOUSE AUG. 29TH!

- Annoyance: Hmm... I think it's kind of annoying when people are like...outwardly two-faced? Like, there's a difference between being polite/cordial and just being out-right untrustworthy. I DUNNO. That's a whole 'nother can of beans. And it ain't really even that serious. Just an annoyance, haha!

- Allergic: I'm allergic to kitty cats unfortunately. Maybe it's good though, because if I weren't I'd probably have a house full of them! I want to get a little baldy sphinx cat one day, though. <3

- Animal: Dogs are my absolute fave! Kind of a plain animal, I know, but still! I mostly like mammals. But really I think all animals are awesome and unique!

- Actor: WOW Christoph Waltz of COURSE


- Beer: Mmm... From time to time! Nothing too much, though, haha. I don't really enjoy the taste but if I want to have a nice time and get a little buzz I'll truck through it. Love wine, though!

- Birthday/Birthplace: August 29th. Hampton, Virginia.

- Best Friends: 'Kay, I have too many best friends IRL and online (what's the difference, tho), and I always feel awkward listing them? YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

- Best feeling in the world: That feeling after a nice po-- OH UM. No, haha, in all seriousness, I think the best feeling is... Okay, this is gonna be really hard to explain. But you know when it first starts to be spring? And it first starts to get warm? And there's a nice cool breeze and you just feel so nostalgic? I love nostalgia, even if it is painful at times!

- Blind or Deaf: Oh god... I still don't think I've ever come up with a decisive answer for this one. Art is my passion, right? Like I don't know what I would do without it... But music is really important to me, too. I mean, it's important to a lot of us! I'd be lost if I didn't have music. For real... And, you know (wow my answer are way too long HAHA), one time my art class went to this thing in Atlanta that basically showed you what it was like to be blind? And it wasn't so bad (not to take it lightly at all, I'm just saying it was an interesting and fun experience), so...blind!

- Best weather: A hot day with a cool breeze and some light rain. Dark skies, but not like...foreboding dark, you know what I mean?

- Been in Love: Still am. <3

- Been –beep- out?: Um... This could mean so many different things? And I don't want to make a fool of myself? So I'm leaving this oNE BLANK HAHA OK

- Been on stage?: A few times! Trivia time! When I was in my early years of high school I actually wanted to be an actress! So I was in a couple of plays. But then I joined my school's NAHS and everything fell into place after that!

- Believe in yourself?: You know, if this question had been asked of me a few weeks ago I would have given you a straight and flat-out "nope." But, I think I can really do something with my life! And you can too! I know it's hard sometimes, but please believe in yourself! You're an amazing person!!

- Believe in life on other planets: Yes! I mean the chances are pretty high. Considering how large our galaxy, I don't think there's any way that there's not life on other planets!

- Believe in miracles: Honestly? Yes. I know it sounds hokey OK I'M SORRY

- Believe in Magic: Ehhhhhhh. This is one of those things where it's like "I really want to, but I just can't."

- Believe in God: Yep. Let's leave it at that. <3

- Believe in Satan: Some days I'm not sure!

- Believe in Santa: ...Santa's not real? WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!


- Believe in Evolution: Yep! And a few other things~


- Car: I get driven around by my fiance ;u;

- Candy: WHERE!??!

- Colour: Oh man I can never pick a favorite. It varies from time to time! Right now I'm into warm colors like yellows and oranges!

- Cried in school: A couple of times. Nothing I'm proud of, of course, haha!

- Chocolate/Vanilla: Oh dude vanilla all the way.

- Chinese/Mexican: chinese/mexican what. What are we discussing here.

- Cake or pie: did you say cake I think you meant CUPCAKES?!!??!?

- Countries to visit: I really want to go to England someday! And Ireland too!


- Day or Night: Yo, total night owl over here!

- Dream vehicle: So this is gonna sound really weird but bear with me on this one: A "zombie apocalypse" vehicle. What I mean by that is like...I want a car that performs well and everything, but on the outside I want it to look really beat-up and have awesome stickers and stuff all over it? Like a little pick-up truck or some kind of ugly yellow car. I KNOW IT IS STRANGE BUT YOU ASKED SO

- Danced: A few times! I went to a rave with my friend once and had a nice time! And I danced at a burn, too! I don't stay out on the dance floor for very long, though. It's hard for me to let loose in front of other people, haha! Never been to a formal dance though!

- Dance in the rain?: I vaguely remember doing that one time. It was cool!

- Dance in the middle of the street?: FROM TIME TO TIME SHOULD THE OCCASION RISE

- Do the splits?: dude I can't even touch my toes


- Eggs: I really like making (and afterward consuming) sunny-side-up eggs! They're hard to make just right, though. ;u; But dude make those and then put them on some toast with some mayonnaise? You got you a bomb-ass egg sandwich right there. Thanks, grandma!

- Eyes: Well my eyes are hazel. Sometimes I don't know what you're asking of me, meme. *shifty eyes*

- Everyone has: an opinion! Excuse the gross quote, but "Opinions are like anal glands; everyone has one and we all have to express them from time to time." (Inside joke but I stand by the fact that it's true HAHA)

- Ever failed a class?: *ahem* Let's just say I had to do my freshman year of high school twice.


- First crush: Some kid named Fernando in first grade, haha.

- Full name: Kristen Laura-Mae Pittman (Yes I go by my middle name. Ask my mom why because I sure as heck don't know)

- First thoughts waking up: five more minutes



- Greatest Fear: sharks (HAHA although this ones a bit better since my trip to the GA Aquarium), and I have this intense fear of home-invasion-style robberies? I think that ones a pretty legitimate fear, though. Oh and tornadoes! INTENSE fear of tornadoes. And after I was actually in one (a small one), it's made me really scared of lighting and thunder. :C

- Giver or taker: IN WHAT REGARDS?

- Goals: Have a cartoon on Cartoon Network. That is my ultimate life goal.

- Gum: gimme some o' that BUBBLEYUM ORIGINAL

- Get along with your parents?: Yep! I don't really get to talk to Mom much since she moved to Texas, though ;u;

- Good luck charms?: I don't really have one at the moment! I've had a few in my lifetime, though!


- Hair Colour: Brunette! er...brown, haha. But I kinda want to dye it or purple after the wedding.

- Height: 5'2" ...or 5'3" I really don't remember

- Happy: I have a lot to be happy and thankful for. <3

- Holidays: I really like Halloween. And Thanksgiving! Oh man thanksgiving

- How do you want to die: In my sleep.

- Health freak?: haha NAW

- Hate: Most of the things I hate are just things about myself? I KNOW THAT SOUNDS REALLY POOPY HAHA but I'm getting over it slowly but surely!


(In boys/ girls)

- Eye colour: Dude, eyes are just pretty in general? I can't really pick a favorite!

- Hair Colour: gray come here christoph NO UM I think brown. I like brown hair on boys C:

- Height: Taller than me, preferably~

- Clothing Style: Okay so I don't really mind what a guy wears in general? But you show my a dapper tux dude and I'm just BUTTER

- Characteristics: gotta have nice cheeks and I don't mean face cheeks HEH


- Instrument: Harmonica!!


- Jewelry: I don't have much, but I have the pieces of this necklace that someone gave me at a burn. It was my favorite necklace for a long time, and I was devastated when the string broke. I think I managed to gather all the beads up, though, and one day I'm going to sit down and put it back together!

- Job: *BLUSH DESU* I was fortunate enough to get a job as a graphic artist for a local business recently <3


- Kids: Not currently, but someday in the future! Maybe in a couple-o'-three years~ I'd love to have a boy and name him Damon ;u; Admittedly it's heavily influence by Damon Albarn, but I really just love that name.

- Kick-boxing or karate: If I could kick-box I would be one happy camper.

- Keep a journal?: On and off! I have one that I filled completely (writing on and off again from March 2009 to February 2012), and I have one right now that I started in February 2012 but it gets forgotten for months at a time, unfortunately. So...thanks for reminding me, haha!


- Longest Car Ride: To Tennessee! I think it was six hours? Admittedly that's not too bad at all!

- Love: My fiance, Andrew *CRIES LOUDLY IN YOUR FACE*

- Letter: UM. I um. I honestly have never thought about that. E and I maybe?

- Laughed so hard you cried: A couple of times! Of course now I can't recall!

- Love at first sight: I think that when you know, you know!


- Milk flavour: I love strawberry milk, especially if I can put as much syrup as I want in there haha!

- Movie: Hands down, Tekkonkinkreet. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

- Mooned anyone?: UM HAHA no but that seems like something I should do. BUCKET LIST, HERE I COME!

- Marriage: ehehehehehehehhehehehe MARCH 15th YOU WON'T GET HERE FAST ENOUGH

- Motion sickness?: Not that I recall!

- McD's or BK: Depends on the day! But if I had to pick, I'd say Burger King. Them coke icees are the bomb dot com.


- Number of Siblings: None at all

- Number of Piercings: Got my ears pierced when I was a wee little baby

- Number: 5 and 23


- Overused Phrases: "When you get a second" "Just kidding" "I KNOW, RIGHT"

- One wish: I wish I could make everyone happy

- One phobia: URK Phasmophobia I guess!


- Place you'd like to live: England! Preferably in one of the quieter towns <3

- Pepsi/Coke: COCA-COLA I GOT ONE RIGHT NOW *as coke dribbles out of my mouth*


- Quail: They live all around my grandma's house. They sing the cutest song!

- Questionnaires: Depends on what it's about!

- Quote: "Live and let live."


- Reason to cry: STUFF AND THINGS

- Reality T.V.: Haha, guilty pleasure TV for sure. I don't believe any of it, but sometimes it can be entertaining!

- Radio Station: Q 107.3 for when I need my pop culture fix

- Roll your tongue in a circle?: WHAT U MEAN


- Song/Dance: Literally cannot choose! And I know nothing about dancing, haha!

- Shoe size: Either a 6 ˝ or a 7. It depends on the shoe. 5 in a Converse!

- Sushi: OH MAN YOU GIVE ME SOME KANI KAMA and I will thank you properly

- Skipped school: Sometimes when I was "sick."

- Slept outside: Yep! During that burn my friend and I camped outside for two...three nights? It was simply amazing. I think I would like camping anyways, but let me tell you: Waking up at 8 in the morning to hear a song by one of your favorite bands BLASTING from a mile down the hill is really amazing

- Seen a dead body?: *long sigh* I have attended a few funerals. It never gets an easier.


- Skinny dipped?: Nah. Not to say I'd never do it, it's just never come up before!

- Shower daily?: I shower frequently enough to not have hygiene issues OK I'M NOT PERFECT

- Sing well?: About as well as one chorus class in the eighth grade will let you


- Stuffed Animals?: If I could, I would have them all over my bedroom.

- Single/Group dates: They can be fun if everyone already knows each other!

- Strawberries/Blueberries: STRAWBURRIES

- Scientists need to invent: TIME MACHINE


- Time for bed: ...right now *WEEPS*

- Thunderstorms: no thx

- Touch your tongue to your nose?: THO I TRY I FAIL


- Unpredictable: Who me? n—BANANAS HAHAHAHAHAHA DIDNT SEE THAT ONE COMING DID y okay i'm sorry

- Understanding?: I certainly try to be!

- Under the influence?: whatcha got HEHEHEHEH


- Vegetable you hate: MUSHROOMS are they a vegetable? Does that count? Hmm... *ponders life*

- Vegetable you love: CORN A-HYUK-HYUK

- Vacation spot: If I could go to a burn right now I TOTALLY would. Basically a farm. With a lot of tents. And a lot of music. And a BIG AIR BALLOON YOU CAN WALK AROUND IN and lie down in next to a total stranger and not be nervous and just TALK AND BE YOURSELF and just … CRIES


- Weakness: I'm incredibly awkward in social situations. And I'm a HELLA pushover too yo

- When you grow up: Have a cartoon on CN and go to conventions and tell everyone how awesome they are and give them hugs and UGH

- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Um... That's a good question! Maybe my friend Bonnie! We're like...REALLY SIMILAR WHEN I THINK ABOUT IT HAHA

- Who makes you laugh the most: INERNETTE Seriously show me a good vine video and I'm set for hours of entertainment

- Worst feeling: that feeling right after you take a really bad po-- OH WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN'T USE THE SAME JOKE TWICE. Okay serious time, though. Remember that tornado I mentioned earlier? Well I remember in that moment being pretty sure I was going to die? THAT is the worst feeling in the world. There's literally no way I can describe it to you, but it is like...penultimate terror.

- Wanted to be a model?: I've wanted to be on ANTM once or twice, but never seriously. I'd just want to be on that specific show because I love it so much? IDK.

- Where do we go when we die: No one knows! Definitely not me! But I like to believe that you go wherever you want when you die. Wanna go to heaven? Okay, sure! Want to be reincarnated? Awesome, good deal! But I don't think anyone will ever know for sure, so we've just got to try to be happy while we're still here on Earth. <3

- Worst weather: TORNADO HAHA

- Walk with a book on your head?: I used to do that a LOT but I still have really bad posture of COURSE


- X-Rays: I got X-rays at the dentist just this past Monday!


-Year it is now: 2013

-Yellow: TULIPS AND DANDELIONS AND BABY VOMI-- well that escalated quickly


- Zoo animal: I really like seeing the smaller animals close-up ;u;

- Zodiac sign: Virgo!

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TheGreatWarrior Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Wait, we've been calling you by your middle name? o 3 o ..... Weird lolz

OH, I've been the to Georgia Aquarium, it was awesome! And just before that we went to the Coke Cola factory right next to it.

And your marriage is March 15th? *begins to see if can make it.*
TheCupcake-Queen Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I know right? I wonder why my mom gave me a first name she didn't even plan on using, haha! Beats me! I'll have to ask her that some time...!

Oh man, isn't it gorgeous?? So many pretty fish ;u; I love standing on that conveyor belt going through the tunnel!!
I haven't been to the Coca-Cola factory yet. Was that fun? :D

YES Oh man that would be FLIPPIN AWESOME
TheGreatWarrior Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student General Artist
Lololol I wonder why xD

Oh yes, it was magnificent, all those fish and seeing real whale sharks! *is a major fan of sharks* :iconasdfghplz: It was totally amazing!
The factory was great too. There was a room full of endless drinks. ENDLESS DRINKS. If the rules allowed it, you could put your head under one of the dispensers and drink endless soda~ XD

Probably can't though because parents probably wouldn't allow it ^^; *rolls to corner*
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