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Submitted on
November 11, 2012


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Design An Outfit CONTEST! - Winners Announced!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 12:51 AM
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Hello one and all! I was very surprised and pleased at my poll results, so I decided to go ahead and make a contest! So here is the theme of this contest!!:

New Year's Eve Outfit

That's right! The main objective of this contest and your job is to make a killer New Year's Eve outfit for the Cupcake Princess!

Contest Rules
1. You may, if you wish to, enter more than once. You cannot, however, win more than one prize!
2. No entries that are mature or inflammatory will be accepted!
3. Attempts to bias or harass the judges are not allowed. Zero tolerance.
4. Entries must be entirely your own! This means no tracing and no bases! Any likeness to any other character wont score very high!
5. If your outfit is inspired by a particular article of clothing, you must link it in the description of your image.
6. Images must be fully colored and drawn in a way that all elements of the outfit are easy to see. There must be a front and back display!
7. Please don't submit to the contest if you plan on using the outfit later yourself!
8. Have fun!
Rules created by both judges; if you have any questions, please post a comment on this journal and we will get back to you.


So that proper changes can be made to my page on time, and so that you can focus on having a nice time with your families, the deadline for the contest is December 15, 2012! And the winner(s) will be announced on December 20, 2012!

:star: P R I Z E S :star:

1st Place
:bulletpink: Your design will be featured on my page in my icon, custom boxes, and even as the featured deviation on my page, and you will (of course) receive credit!
:bulletpink: 300 deviantART Points

2nd Place
:bulletpink: 200 deviantART Points

3rd Place
:bulletpink: 100 deviantART Points

Prizes subject to change! :heart:

Current Entries
:icongingerquin: with Contest entry by GingerQuin
:iconaskaquaprincess-at: with Cupcake's Outfit Contest Entry -Front AND Back- by AskAquaPrincess-AT
:iconoctorainbow: with :thumb337981767:
:iconask-mantisprince: with An outfit! by Ask-MantisPrince
:iconxxgoldenninjaxx: with CP Contest Entry by xXGoldenNinjaXx
:iconasktheshyprincess: with
:iconask-bone-the-vampire: with New Years Outfit by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire
:iconaskspiritprincess: with Contest: CCP New Year by AskSpiritPrincess
:iconthegreatwarrior: with New Years Eve Costume by TheGreatWarrior
:iconaskribbonprincess: with :thumb343775618:
:iconask-emilleeseafoam: with Cupcake Princess New years dress by Ask-EmilleeSeafoam
:iconaskleafprincess: with
:iconask-tangelo: with Winter Outfit by Ask-TangeloWinter Outfit (Backsideplus) by Ask-Tangelo

:star: T H E  W I N N E R S :star:

Let me first say that it was actually very difficult for Dragonfly-Princess and I to decide the definite winners! In fact, I'm so pleased and in love with all the designs that I'm going to keep them and still draw CCP in them from time to time (with credit given where it is due, of course)! I don't want anyone to be upset if they didn't "win" anything, because I truly loved each and every one for all sorts of different reasons! And, as I'm sure all the entrants know by now, you'll be hearing just what I loved about your outfit in another, longer comment I'll be leaving on the picture within the next couple of days. But now, let's go ahead and announce the winners, from 3rd to 1st in that order!

In 3rd Place

Winner of 100 deviantART points

An outfit! by Ask-MantisPrince

The Cupcake Princess: "I seriously love the colors that were chosen for this! That blue is so vibrant, yet still seems to be able to look cool (as in the temperature...but the slang as well, I guess!), and the hues of red, yellow, and orange that you chose compliment it very nicely! And I actually love the streamers, too? I love long, ribbon-like things, and I especially love drawing them, too! I'll definitely be drawing CCP in this outfit sometime, whether for another celebration or, as Dragonfly Princess has suggested, for meteor showers and the like! A very bright, sparkly, and fun outfit!"

The Dragonfly Princess: "The colour scheme used in this piece is absolutely fitting for new years! and the sahdes of blue are beautiful! I loved the idea of seeing CCP's hair with such a shade!!!
The outfit structure stuck to CCP's main design, yet you managed to execute it in a way that also made it original, yet recognizable, if that even makes sense!
I really hope to see CCP wear this for the star event themes!"

In 2nd Place

Winner of 200 deviantART points

Cupcake Princess New years dress by Ask-EmilleeSeafoam

The Cupcake Princess:"A sleek and elegant party dress that still has style and fun in it! Gosh, and being a food-themed dress just added a lot, too! I just love all the little details about this dress: the big, brown ruffles at the bottom, the pearls along the spine, even the earrings! And the chocolate wafers really put a nice touch into her hair as well! Oh, and did I mention I love the hair-do you gave her? It's so short and sleek and not only compliments her nicely, but the dress too! A very nice, well put together outfit!"

The Dragonfly Princess: "Not only is this design beautiful, but it is absolutely delicious looking as well!
The colours really made me think of pudding! and the frills on the bottom of the dress is very pretty~! The entire outfit is well balanced, not to much, but not to little either!
I hope to see CCP sport this dress one day soon!"

In 1st Place

Winner of 300 deviantART points & having their design and avatar featured on my userpage for the duration of the New Year's holiday

New Years Outfit by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire

The Cupcake Princess: "Such a colorful, festive, a gorgeous dress! There are so many things I love about this dress that made it one of my favorites as soon as I saw it. The colors, first of all, are just so striking, but still very pleasing to look at. I love the neck-piece in that it is frosting, or at least frosting-like but it still very much reminds me of champagne! And the "2013" added to her headband is a very nice touch! I love things like that IRL, so being able to translate it into my character is awesome! And the hair-do is just stunning as well; definitely a look that suits CCP!! Oh, and of course the firework-esque side detailing is beautiful! Overall an amazing outfit that I can't wait to show off!"

The Dragonfly Princess: "First off, Congratulations! Your design stood out so much to both of us! it is a very sleek and professional design that absolutely SCREAMED 'Happy New years!'
So many of the elements in the design also fit CCP almost TOO perfectly, and the hair style is absolutely lovely!
I adore the use of such rich and inviting, yet contrasting colours together, over all the design just fits like a glove!"

I will be sending out the prizes post-haste! And again, please do not be disheartened if you haven't placed! Like I said, it was very difficult to choose winners out of all of the amazing entries we received. It was truly a pleasure to see the creative ideas you all have, and the wide variety of outfits given with this theme! I will be creating more contests in the future and try new approaches to holding them! Thank you to everyone who entered; you'll be hearing from me soon! :heart: Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Wow, thank for you amazing critique! I'm so flattered! :iconcblushplz: And actually winning is just... WOW! :iconblushplz: Thank you so much for this opportunity! :iconblushthanksplz:
Please excuse my typos... =.=
GingerQuin Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
It was fun to be apart of this contest I don't care if I lost at least I lost to some amazing creative people ^_^. U should do this again for the fourth of July or even valentines day UuU))
TheGreatWarrior Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Student General Artist
((Ah well, it was fun doing. Knew I wasn't going to win :) Congrats to the winnner.))
AskSpiritPrincess Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
Ah congrats to the winners. This was so much fun to do))
Ask-EmilleeSeafoam Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(( Oh my goodness! I'm so honored to have been placed as second :icontearsofjoyplz:! Thank you so much! And to all the ones who didn't place, I thought all the designs were beautiful and thought out! Too repay the both of you, I'll give you dears request for an outfit, rather it be a dress or an out on the town, anything dear! Just thanks so much :iconkonataplz: ))
Ask-MantisPrince Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
I WON! :icontearplz:
AskLeafPrincess Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
xXGoldenNinjaXx Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist
Congratulations Placers!!! :icontearplz:
Ask-Tangelo Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012

If I'm unable to become a contestant due to me not knowing you,
I hope you still love the outfit I made you madam~ :iconlooolplz:
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