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November 2, 2013
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The Cake by TheCupcake-Queen The Cake by TheCupcake-Queen
CCQ: Dearest Prince Jakiel and Princess Maria... My close-knit team of chefs and I have put much effort and love into this cake~

What we have here is a soft, gingerbread-flavored tier cake which is layered on chocolate and marshmallow-flavored frosting. It is covered with these frosting flavors as well, and the cake itself is covered in a fine layer of ground graham crackers. The top tier, as you've probably noticed, is the only tier with our gingerbread-inspired pink frosting. It's a bit of a mystery flavor that is sure to please any sweet tooth! And at the top we have our special, hand-crafted chocolate crown made by one of my newest chefs, Carrot Cake Cillian! Seeing as we weren't positive on your wedding atire, we abstained from creating a custom cake topper. However, if you, perhaps, would like to make one and send it my way, I will gladly add it atop this cake! But the chocolate heart alone would suffice as well, I think!

This cake should be enough to feed everyone at the wedding (we hope), and we hope that everyone will enjoy it. But most importantly of all, we hope that you two will enjoy it!

Strawberry: Ah! Your majesty! Your hat!!

Harper: Congratulations you two~ Maria, you're looking well...

Cillian: This was my first big project! I hope you both like it and that your special day is...well...special! ...I wonder how my girlfriend's doing right now...?

(( Okay so as soon as =PrinceJakiel asked CCQ if she wanted to make the cake...I was just like... I had to get up and walk around my chair and just sob and say "Wow this is such an honor I have to make sure this cake will look okay CCQ better get her sh*t together and pull out all the stops." AND I WENT TO WORK! And spent five hours on this! And I hope hope hope =PrinceJakiel and *WantSmoreLove will like this cake!! ;u; It's not SUPER intricate, but I tried to get the theme across! I've never designed a cake before!

I also took this as an opportunity to introduce one of the cupcake citizens that, until this point, has been all lonely on a piece of paper in a binder somewhere. I have a few cupcake citizens that I designed a while ago but never got around to finishing/sharing them. But maybe with this sudden burst of art, I'll find a chance to upload them! Also, I gave Strawberry a bit of a redesign. I couldn't quite get him right, or draw him as well as his original designer, *SnuggleTart, so I changed him a bit so he's easier to draw. ;u; And, of course, miss Harper makes a re-appearance! She's living in the Cupcake Kingdom now and learning under Chef Strawberry. She and Cillian were happy that this was their very first huge project! (Don't mind Harper's face, though, she actually is really happy).

But enough of that! Congratulations to Prince Jakiel and Princess Maria!! I hope your wedding will be fabulous!! :heart: ))
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(( I love Harper. XD okay? She's just like if you make one comment about this outfit I WILL kill you.

{{oh jeez that cake looks super yummy aAA aa A a AA <333 and thEYRE ALL fOUR SO CUTE SCREECHES

can i take harper home
and love on her for eternity,,,,
pretty please
ill sell u my soul all of it  i swear om fg 
JewelClaus Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL i was gonna say something like "that cupcake should wear a hairnet or something" then i realized she's made of mostly frosting xD
That cake...the gingerbread...the chocolate...the marshmallow... *passes out over how delicious it all sounds*
Ask-Fangthevampire Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
her hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Nature Princess- That cake looks so delicious, I wish I was invited to the wedding I would bring along some of my famous spiced tofu salad. *My eyes glow in excitement * I hope they have a happy wedding
MaryLittleRose Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh goodness you did an amazing job! if I was the one to receive this cake, I'd absolutely love it I tell you haha~
I really love the design and how tasty it looks, very well done :heart:
....That cake... :icondatassplz:
this is amazing hands down better than i could have even come up with. I knew it was a great idea to ask u! Not to mention the big GingerSmore wedding will provide alot of advertising towards other accounts and kingdoms<3 im happy i could present u this opputunity! Jakiel and Maria will enjoy sharing this master piece <3)
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