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Too Early for This by TheCupcake-Queen


Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U by Drache-Lehre Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U by Drache-Lehre

PC: Thelittlehoneybee 1/2 by AnaP15

The Adoptables Corner

Adoptables currently available.

Riverbed Princess Auction OPEN by TheCupcake-Queen


Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Please bid in reply to the corresponding comment below the “Artist's Comments” section.
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Please specify your type of bid/payment (Neutral Points by UndeadZombiie or USD).
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Minimum increment is 10 Neutral Points by UndeadZombiie or 10 cents.
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Please wait for confirmation before sending payment.
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Upon receiving payment, I will send you a high-res, watermark-free version of this character.
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious You can change anything you like about this character once he or she is yours.
Free Pumpkin Bullet by Nutellalicious Please be sure to link back to me the first time you draw this character.

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hrkkkk gurgleeejfjflsd it is so painful to wait til october 1st to do the thing 

6 deviants said you must have patience, my son
4 deviants said well then DO IT NOW!
1 deviant said I have no opinion on this matter, I just wanted to participate in this obviously very important poll, Cupcake Queen. Thank you for not filling my inbox with useless shit.



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AWA 2015 Shared Art Table?

Wed Oct 8, 2014, 12:39 PM

I haven't been to AWA in the past couple of years, even though when I was like 14 I went to four in a row or something, haha. But, you know, I never had a table in the Artist's Alley! I think next year I'd like to change that though!

But, you know, I probably wouldn't have enough stuff to fill up an entire table to sell, and I'd really love to have someone with experience selling at AWA to be there with me. Also I would totally be willing to be the person who goes to get food and stuff haha.

So do I have any watchers who have had a table there before, and might be willing to get one with me for next year? I know it's probably super early to ask, but I think lots of preparation would be best! :D

And just be warned: I'll probably be asking you LOTS of questions about the whole process!

Turning Comments Back Off

Wed Oct 8, 2014, 4:22 AM

comes back to this account
stares at messages
long sigh

SO! Starting to feel kinda overwhelmed by comments again so I'm turning them back off in the future. Sorry about that! But I will be more active over here to try and make up for it. :)

Oh! And I just wanna make a few quick plugs!

zigzaggin-goon is offering up quite a few Halloween-based adoptables at the moment!


JellieBellie is also offering up some Halloween-based adoptables!
Spooky Pokemon Adopts AUCTION and OTA [CLOSED] by JellieBellie

And finally, XombieJunky is offering up commissions too!
Paypal/Point Commissions: OpenSince I've left my job, and am looking for a new one right now, I am in serious need of money. So I'm opening up commissions for artwork! So first off, here is the requirement from you as the customer:
- A reference to the character(s) you want me to draw with a reliable color palette to go off of.
Here are your options and their prices:
Head shots/Busts

-Lineart: $2/200Points (+$1/100Points per additional character(s))
-Colored: $5/500Points (+$3/300Points per additional character(s))
-Simple/Cell Shading: +$1/100Points per charcter
-Shaded: $8/800Points (+$4/400Points per additional character(s))
Waist up


Of course, here's a reminder of my current AT Commissions, with lots of Halloween sales going on! Unlike last time I had a sale, these discounts apply to :points: purchases as well!
Commission Sheet 2014 by TheCupcake-Queen

And now, in case any of you missed it, I'm doing Steven Universe commissions for a limited time as well! You can read about it here!

Steven Universe Commissions!FOIST OF ALL i want yall to go see these adoptables that my friend is offering up for auction!

As you can see, they are beautiful Halloween-based adopts and they can be yours! Go see GO SEE AAHHHH TUGS YOUR SHIRT GO SEEEEE
EDIT: These commissions are currently CLOSED. If you have previously contacted me about a commission, we're still on! But the rest of ya are gonna have to wait~ Thanks to everyone who wanted one o' these! ;u;
I've been mulling over this for the past couple of days and decided to go ahead and open these up! That way I can keep drawing Steven Universe stuff and not feel guilty for neglecting my commissions OTL
SO YEAH! I'm opening just a few slots for right now and closing them so I can also work on my AT Commissions! :)
Prices are:
$5.00 or 500 PTS for a standalone, fullbody picture of your Steven Universe OC (or canon character) with flat colors.


Commission Sheet 2014 by TheCupcake-Queen
Commission Sheet 2014
Halloween Satus: Commissions by UndeadZombiieHalloween Status: Open by UndeadZombiie

Check below for sale info!!

Style Differences

✤ As you can see, we have two different art styles to choose from. The "Canon" AT Style commissions will be done in a style that is as close as I can personally get to the show's style. It won't be 100% accurate, but hopefully you will enjoy the finished piece nonetheless! As stated in the sheet, there is a chance that parts of your character's design (such as their clothes or hair) may be changed in the process. But not to worry! These changes won't be very drastic, and I will make sure that your character is still recognizable!

✤ My AT Style will have more refined anatomy and a wider range of facial shapes/expressions. In this style I should be able to get your character's design as close to your reference as possible -- but in my own AT style!

Order Form
Please delete the italicized text and replace it with your own. Send your filled order form to me via note, and wait for my response!


Art Style: "Canon" AT Style, or My AT Style?

Line Style: Sketchy or Solid?

Shading: Please specify which type of shading you would like. If you don't want any shading, leave this section blank (or delete it...or say "none," really however you want to clarify that is fine with me).

Character Reference(s): Please add as many references as possible for the character(s) you would like me to draw. Remember the pricing for adding additional characters!

Pose Ideas: If you have an idea for a pose your character(s) should be in, tell me here. You can be as general as "something bouncy" or as specific as providing me a link. Please note that if you send me a reference to a pose, it may not be 100% accurate, but I will do my very best.

Progress Shots: Would you like to see the sketch when it's finished? Or would you prefer waiting to see the piece when it's finished? Please specify that here!

Total & Form of Payment: What is your total? And will you be paying with USD or PTS? Please tell me here!

Anything Else: Got another form of contact? Want to give me some specific music to listen to while I'm drawing this? Got a short story to go with the picture? Anything else you feel needs to be added, do so here!


Current Sales


✤ Get your OC drawn in a Halloween costume, take $3.00/300 Neutral Points by UndeadZombiie off your order!
✤ Get your OC drawn in the "Canon" AT Style, take $2.00/200 Neutral Points by UndeadZombiie off your order!
✤ Get a classic Halloween species drawn (such as Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, etc.), take $3.00/300 Neutral Points by UndeadZombiie off your order!
These sales will last until the end of October; take advantage of them while you can!
Only two sales may be applied to one order. For example, you can get a vampire done in "Canon" AT Style wearing a Halloween costume, but only the Halloween costume and Halloween species sales would apply. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask!

Additional Notes

✤ Once your commission is finished you will be sent the high-res, watermark-free version via note.

✤ Payment is required up front.

✤ Want more samples? Check out my previous commissions here!

Character Credits
✤ Princess Rachel © AskTheATBroettes
✤ Jenny © PrettyPumpkinhead
✤ The Bubble Witch © Ask-TheBubbleWitch
✤ Mae © AskMae
✤ Del © Ask-The-OC-Factory
✤ Imogine © Ask-Imogine
✤ Jess © Ask-Jess
✤ Quintessa © askTheHUwoman
✤ All others © TheCupcake-Queen

More Commissions!

Too Early for This by TheCupcake-Queen
Too Early for This
Update! Aaahh I just couldn't wait 'til the first! Some of you may have already seen the finished version on my tumblr or my main account, so I figured uploading this early over here as well wouldn't hurt! I'm happy to finally share the finished version with you guys over here! :D And finally I have a CCQ picture that I've put at least six hours into ;u; Happy (Almost) Halloween, everyone! :) Be sure to keep an eye on my page on Oct. 1 for more Halloweeny (lol weeny) goodness! 

'Member when I used to do fun holiday stuff with CCP aaaaalllllll the time? I got really nostalgic today and wanted to kinda "update" or re-do this picture:
 Happy Halloween 2012 by TheCupcake-Queen
Maybe I'll finish it for the actual day of Halloween, but uh...I just randomly drew this and wanted to share ;u;

USD/PTS Commissions OPEN

Commission Sheet 2014 by TheCupcake-Queen:

Halloween Satus: Commissions by UndeadZombiieHalloween Status: Open by UndeadZombiie

Commissions will be completed in order.

Status Signs by UndeadZombiie
Progress Bars by AngelicHellraiser
"Paid" Buttons by shanbury
Pumpkin Bullets by Nutellalicious


Custom Adoptables
Custom Adoptable :: AskAboutMySpoon by TheCupcake-Queen
Custom Adoptable :: TheBalletPrincess by TheCupcake-Queen
Custom Adoptable :: MiikaEcchii by TheCupcake-Queen
Custom Adoptable :: pastelbubbles by TheCupcake-Queen
Custom Adopt: AskMae by TheCupcake-Queen
To place a Custom Adoptable order please fill out and paste the following form into the appropriate box after you have clicked "Request Commission":


✏ Character Species: (Be as specific as you want. And please note I will not make an adoptable of a closed species (unless it is your own.)
✏ Character Gender: (Up to you! Or you can leave it blank.)
✏ Color Scheme: (Again, you can be as specific as you want. But our visions may vary depending on how descriptive you are! And be sure to specify (if necessary) what certain colors are for. ie "green eyes" or "blue hair.")
✏ Fashion Sense: (Feel free to link specific outfits.)
✏ Personality: (You can leave this blank if you want to make up a personality after you see them)
✏ Any Other Details: (Literally anything you think will help me see exactly what you'd like. It could be songs to listen to, hairstyles, etc. Anything!)

Please note that unless I've stated otherwise, my Custom Adoptables are always open!

You can expect your adoptable in one to three days. Once I have completed your adoptable I will upload a watermarked version to my gallery. In addition, I will send you a copy of the un-watermarked image via a note. From there you are allowed to change anything about the character that you like.
PayPal orders also available, and they are $1.50 USD. To order via PayPal, please send the previous form to me filled out and wait for confirmation.



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